A fun and enjoyable Minecraft community.

Welcome Fellow Nubs,

Nubcraft is a network of servers that offer a variety of play styles wthin a single community. There are five inventory separated servers. Creative, Survival, Skyblock, mcMMO and for the ultimate experience Hardcore where your death actually means something. (24 hour tempban)  Each server has it's own set of rules, which you can read about in the rules section on the forum. 

We offer a fun and exciting environment on our 24/7 server.  We are a rated PG server. This means that there may be some material that parents or guardians may find inappropriate for younger children. This may include some inappropriate language and mild swearing. However we do not tolerate harassment of any kind, bullying or racial slurs on our server.  We respect diversity here on Nubcraft as well as protect the privacy of all of our citizens.

To connect to our server, you must first request access via the forum.  We do this to ensure that every player has a forum account where they can contact us with issues if staff are not in game.  Once activated you can connect by entering in the address mc.nubcraft.org in your Minecraft Client.  

Currently Nubcraft requires Minecraft java edition 1.14.1 on Windows PC / Mac /Linux and will be moving to 1.14.2 as soon as it is available. We do not support any other platforms or devices.

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